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Capstone Projects

Rosemary Aroma: A study on the effect of rosemary aroma in stimulating alertness, improving concentration and increasing productivity in groups of people working in conference rooms.

Mon, 04/22/2013 - 21:46
Abstract: Rosemary aromatherapy has been found to positively affect the concentration and productivity when used on the individual scale. The purpose of this study was to analyze the effects of rosemary aroma on the groups scale, whereas, people worked together to accomplish brainstorming activities. In this group study, data was collected and quantified using a deductive (theory) approach. The study allowed a group of people to use the rosemary aromatherapy scent to stimulate alertness, improve concentration and increase productivity when working on the brainstorming activities. The group will be exposed to the aromas and give feedback on the effects. Using a general questionnaire each individual has elaborated on their opinions, feelings, emotions and memories of the experience. The data reveals how effective the aromatherapy was on enhancing the group’s ability to accomplish the tasks. The results of this study may further be developed into an offered amenity that conference centers can provide to potential guests.  
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Major: Hotel, Resort and Tourism Management
Year: 2013
File Attachments: CAPSTONE.docx
Authors: Brianna Bentley